I have known Mike since 1992. He has helped me to sell my personal home and purchase the home I am now living in. I have also used mike to help me buy and sell investment properties. I have never felt that Mike put his interests in front of mine. I have even mentioned that I have an apartment building that I would love to sell. Most people in sales would have just agreed and sold my building. Mike sat down and went over the numbers and strongly suggested that I keep the property and if my tenants became too much of an issue that I hire a management company. This advice will add over 70,000 a year to my retirement. Mike has also helped me lower my taxes on several of my properties.

I have recommended Mike to my friends and coworkers and will continue to do so.

Ken Marcotte



Mike does excellent work. I use him for my house in Long Cove and my many investment properties. He also has handled my commercial leases. The things I like:



Always does the right thing. Makes good deals become possible Mike has become more than my Real Estate man he has become my friend and my children call him Uncle.


Thuan Dinh






Mike helped me and my wife buy our first house together. He was so incredibly patient with us through the process, even though it lasted more than six months, involving countless houses, and multiple second looks. Throughout the whole process, he provided valuable insight, especially to first time home buyers like ourselves who weren't able to easily identify possible structural or water problems. He always gave honest advice and I never felt pressured to put in an offer, even as the weeks of searching turned into months of searching.

After we bought the house, we additionally started looking at investment properties. Mike continues to be friendly, available, responsive, and honest throughout the process. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Alex Freitag



In 2015 we formed a partnership to invest in residential rental real estate.  We enlisted the help of Mike Johnson to assist us as a buyers agent to find properties that fit our business model and were at a great value.  Mike's expertise in this area and knowledge of the neighborhoods were were interested in was invaluable.  Since then we have purchased 6 homes that are generating significant positive cash flows.  I would recommend Mike to anyone that is considering entering this market.
Dan Mickelson
Managing Member DBNK LLC